We Secure Our World

We Secure Our World

While many forms of technology as we know them today are relatively new. Security has been around for as long as people have lived in homes with walls. From the rudimentary lock and key system used to keep a door shut, to the advanced biometric scans protecting modern-day data vaults, the quest for optimal security has been relentless. In this rapidly evolving landscape, where does Active Witness stand, and more importantly, why do we care so much about security?

Tracing the Legacy: Rob Bakshi and the Roots of Security

Every great vision starts with a visionary. Rob Bakshi, the force behind Active Witness, has been a torchbearer in the world of security. With Silent Witness, a successful CCTV company he founded and later sold to Honeywell in the early 2000s, Rob paved a path for himself in the security world.

Modern Challenges in Access Control

The world of access control, at a glance, seems straightforward. However, dig a little deeper, and layers of complexity unravel. While technology has made strides, many businesses are still tethered to outdated prox cards — easily copied, shared, and unfortunately, a silent contributor to our environmental woes with almost all keycards ending up in landfills. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Biometrics, hailed as the next frontier in access control, are not without their flaws. Fingerprint scanners, while innovative, raise questions of sanitation and accuracy. Retina scanners, though secure, are neither cost-effective nor efficient for high-traffic zones. The facial recognition technology, despite its prowess, is caught in a storm of privacy concerns and hefty hardware costs.

The Promise of Cloud-based Access Control

In a digital age, it's imperative that our security solutions evolve too. Enter cloud-based access control. A game-changer in more ways than one, this approach offers:

  • Remote Access Management: Control, monitor, and modify access from anywhere.
  • Mobile-App Functionality: Seamlessly integrated mobile capabilities for convenience.
  • Real-time Data & Alerts: Stay updated with instantaneous alerts and live data feeds.
  • Intercom Systems: A leap in communication and security combined.
  • Scalability & Flexibility: Easily scalable solutions that grow with your needs.

More so, the cloud-based system simplifies installations and reduces costs, marking a significant edge over on-site servers.

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BDS: A Case Study in Success

If actions speak louder than words, BDS's transformation is a resounding testament to Active Witness's prowess. Facing multifaceted challenges, from tedious key management to ensuring area-specific access, BDS sought a solution. The criteria were clear: smartphone-based, efficient, and providing real-time visibility.

Active Witness not only met these criteria but transformed BDS’s security landscape. With our solution, BDS bid adieu to the age-old hassles of key management, enjoyed enhanced visibility, and more importantly, ensured that security never hampered efficiency.


Active Witness's Unique Innovations

Our ethos is simple: No two doors are identical, just as no two individuals are. Our two-factor authentication, which amalgamates Secure QR-Codes with facial authentication, is a testament to this belief. This innovative solution not only assures unparalleled security but also guarantees flexibility.

Whether it's a bustling office space today that metamorphoses into a high-security data room tomorrow, our system can adapt, evolve, and offer custom solutions, thereby ensuring that the security is always a step ahead of potential threats.

Looking Ahead: The Active Witness Vision

What's ahead for AW? We aspire to be the go-to brand for businesses, big and small, seeking robust, innovative, and efficient security solutions. We will never stop innovating in our relentless pursuit to secure our world.


Security isn't just about barriers or keeping the bad guys out; it's about facilitating genuine access while keeping threats at bay. Active Witness is more than just a solution provider; we're your partners in crafting a safer, more secure tomorrow. If you're a security integrator, reseller, or a business owner, we invite you to be part of this transformative journey.

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