The True Cost of a Keycard

The True Cost of a Keycard

Hint... It's not just the cost of the plastic

In a world where efficiency and security are paramount for businesses of all sizes, understanding the real cost of traditional security measures like keycards is crucial. Your bottom line depends on it.

Decision makers constantly grapple with challenges like time theft, physical security breaches, and administrative burdens of security credentials. But what if the keycards and physical keys you've been relying on are not just a security feature but a hidden expense line impacting your bottom line?

The Hidden Costs of Traditional Access Control Systems: On the surface, keycards seem like a cost-effective solution to security needs. However, when digging deeper, the expenses begin to pile up. Consider the average time to provision a new card - about 12.5 minutes. With a security manager's salary averaging at $100,000, the administrative cost for issuing one keycard ranges between $25 to $50. Add to this the average cost of the card itself ($5-6) and shipping costs ($10), and the total expense per card spirals to an estimated $50-75. This doesn’t even include the indirect costs like the time spent on managing lost or forgotten cards, updating access permissions, and maintaining the physical infrastructure.

Other Consideration & Drawbacks

The Administrative Burden: Beyond the direct financial implications, the administrative burden of managing a traditional keycard system is significant. Each new employee, contractor change, or lost card requires manual intervention. This time-consuming process diverts valuable resources from other critical business operations, impacting overall efficiency.

Limited Flexibility: With traditional keycard systems, if an employee’s role changes, issuing new access permissions can be as cumbersome as setting up a new card. This inflexibility adds layers of administrative work.

Vulnerability to Security Breaches: Keycards can be easily copied and shared amongst current and ex-employees.  This makes keycards a major vulnerability for your business security.

The Case for Modern Access Control Systems: Modern access control systems that leverage mobile credentials and cloud-based software emerge as a compelling alternative. These systems reduce the direct costs associated with physical keycards and mitigate the administrative burden by streamlining the process of managing access permissions. They offer flexibility, scalability, and enhanced security features that traditional systems struggle to match.

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A Balanced Perspective

 As an access control manufacturer, our insights are rooted in firsthand experiences and industry observations. While we champion modern security solutions, our goal here is not to push a product but to arm you with knowledge, helping you make an informed decision that best suits your business needs.

As an access control manufacturer, we acknowledge our position in this narrative. While we advocate for modern, mobile credential-based systems, it is essential to provide this information transparently. Our perspective is shaped by our belief in our product's efficacy and value, especially for small-to-mid-sized businesses facing the challenges outlined. However, our aim is not just to sell a product but to enlighten and empower business owners to make informed decisions about their security infrastructure.



The true cost of a keycard system extends beyond its purchase price, encompassing hidden expenses and administrative burdens. As you evaluate your business's security needs, consider the full spectrum of costs associated with traditional access control systems. In an era where efficiency and security are intertwined, exploring modern, cloud-based alternatives could be the key to unlocking savings and enhanced security for your business. If you're interested in learning more, don't hesitate to reach out.

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