Using Active Witness to Secure Your Facility

Using Active Witness to Secure Your Facility

The corporate world is susceptible to a wide range of security threats, and if these organizations fail to exercise adequate protection measures, they run the risk of facing severe liabilities and costly consequences. Even though most corporations are very aware of cyber threats, physical threats can also pose a significant danger to organizations.

When it comes to security you don’t trust just anyone. Let us show you why we outshine your current system. 


Physical Threat 1: Stolen Access Credentials

Most corporate spaces have secure access measures, on the basis of which only the right personnel can step into the workspace. While these security measures usually seem protective enough, they can easily be overcome by a determined attacker.

One of the easiest ways an attacker can gain access to your facilities is by obtaining access credentials from another individual who is permitted access. With legacy keycard-based systems, credentials can be easily stolen or replicated and exploited by determined attackers.

How Active Witness Can Help

Sharing or theft of access credentials is a major concern for organizations today. Organizations and corporate workplaces can limit the chances of fraudulent credential use by installing the security measures in their facility. Organizations can install fool-proof access control devices to these entry points, which limit unauthorized personnel from entering the space. Many corporations leverage keycard readers at their access points, but authentication through biometrics such as facial recognition is the best way to ensure security of your facility. The facial authentication solution provided by Active Witness also known as “Sima” can help verify the identity of all entrants to authorized personnel only. Active Witness uses 2-factor authentication to ensure a 1:1 match of the user’s identity prior to obtaining access to a facility.


Physical Threat 2: Document Theft

Corporate spaces also tend to have highly sensitive documents out in the open, many of which are very can be misused by intruders. If your access points are easily invaded and these documents land in the wrong hands, both company and client information can become compromised. Document theft is not only a possible threat for physical documents, but documents that are accessible on company computers are also susceptible to theft if an authorized person gains access to the building.

How Active Witness Can Help

At Active Witness, we advise all our clients to only allow entrance to verified visitors. Active Witness offers a state-of-the-art 2-Step authentication access system that utilizes artificial intelligent cameras connected to our powerful cloud service. Only authorized personnel are permitted to enter through a door secured by our AI Camera therefore protecting you against any potential document theft.


Physical Threat 3: Unaccounted Visitors

Unaccounted visitors, be it customers, relatives, or other employees, can pose a serious liability to the workplace. Workplace incidents that occur while there was an unaccounted visitor present can be hard to investigate. If an incident were ever to take place, it’s crucial for the organization in question to know exactly who was present in the facility and when, otherwise the organization could expose themselves to massive legal liabilities.

How Active Witness Can Help

As mentioned above, our solution to managing unaccounted visitors remains a fool-proof access control device that accounts for each and every individual that accesses a facility. All authorized personnel must reach out the administrator for building access, and through the mobile app, admins can keep track of all individuals that can access the facility, as well as the time they spent inside.

The corporate world is vulnerable to intruders and security risks, and we at Active Witness can help you feel more assured that your business is in the right hands. Partner with us to combat these physical threats and book your free demo today!