Why Key Cards are a Threat to Your Security

Why Key Cards are a Threat to Your Security

This is Melvin: 


Melvin is one of your best salespeople. Customers love him and he’s always getting the top stats in his department. His only downfall...he’s always losing his keys and FOBS and it would be funny if it wasn’t such a threat to your security.  

Melvin’s coworkers have come to expect that they will have to let him into the building about half of the time because he's forgotten or lost his keycard. He has gained the nickname Melvin the Misplacer because he just can’t keep track of things. The only thing he doesn’t lose? His phone because that’s his lifeline whenever he gets stranded or forgets things.  

We all have a Melvin, and even if you don’t, there is something about keys and keycards that just begs to be lost.  

What’s the Problem? 


Let’s take a look at Melvin’s situation:  

  1. He’s a compulsive loser of keys and who knows where they’ve gone. Sure, they could just be lost in Melvin’s home somewhere, but they also could have been picked up by anyone else who now can access the store!
  2. Melvin’s coworkers are letting him in. Who hasn’t held the door for their coworker? And they all know who Melvin is, so it’s not a problem, is it?  It’s true, there’s no need for your staff to be rude to their coworkers by locking them out, it's about creating a standard of security and access control where no one must let anyone in if they’re locked out and only authorized personnel enter.
  3. Melvin is going to need a new card every single time. It might not seem expensive to replace a card, but once you add up all the lost cards and the cost of the time to remake them, it’s an unnecessary expense for the business.

Sheesh Melvin! This has shown us a real problem! What can we do? 


Glad you asked! Commercial access control has come a long way and there are some great options for you.  

Active Witness uses single (secure QR codes) or multi-factor (QR + 1 to 1 facial match) credentials for simple yet highly secure facility access. This means that each employee or visitor has their own unique credentials that cannot be transferred to others. Best of all, you can enroll remotely from your smartphone in under 60 seconds. All Melvin would have to do is upload a selfie within the Active Witness app and have the photo approved by the administrator. 

Using a biometric solution protects you from the risks of keycard loss and keeps credentials with their owner (after all, you wouldn’t lend out your phone and you can’t lend out your face), and multi-factor authentication doubles security by adding another step.  

The best part? It’s convenient and efficient. Now Melvin doesn’t need keys he just needs his face and his phone to get to work and his co-workers no longer need to let him in.  


Are you ready to make things easier for the Melvin’s in your life?  

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