Give Your Industrial Clients Their Access Control Solution With Sima

Give Your Industrial Clients Their Access Control Solution With Sima

For decades industrial partners have struggled with access eligibility and access control – let’s talk about it. With their employees, contractors and other stakeholders all accessing their facilities at various hours, it can be difficult keeping track of who is accessing them. Many of the systems used today are outdated due to the necessity of physical credentials. These are easily reproduced and lead to vulnerabilities in their facility access. Active Witness developed a solution called Sima, and it is a highly secure and frictionless cloud based access control reader, which gives industrial clients single and two-factor credentials at their convenience when they need it, while also giving them peace of mind with greater loss prevention.

Sima's Secure and Convenient Access

Their visitors and employees expect convenience when it comes to facility access. Sima enables security administrators to issue digital keys (QR codes) in an instant and users can self enroll their photo for facial verification in < 60 seconds. The use of single and two-factor credentials provides their employees maximum convenience by eliminating the need for physical credentials. When businesses need that additional layer of protection, admins can turn on multi-factor, whereby users must scan their mobile credentials and face to gain access to highly secure areas.

Advantages of Carrying Sima

User Friendly

In today’s digital world, using face verification and QR codes have become common practice whether it is to unlock a smartphone or view a restaurant’s menu. Sima is no different here and meets user demand.

An Innovative Technology

Not only does Sima meet technology where it currently stands, but is also futureproof. It’s a forward thinking, access control technology that is frictionless, which will make it the standard in security practice.

Cost Effective

With Sima being easily scalable and requiring no third party software, this security solution is much more affordable compared to competitor systems.

Best Places for Installation

  • Entrances and exits, including employees entrances, public gates, parking areas, and limited-access spaces.
  • Storage areas; plus tracking functions to ensure proper handling and delivery.
  • Internal spaces such as storage locations of sensitive or dangerous materials

Features for the Sima Cloud-Based Access Control Reader:

  • Easy to install, set-up and operate
  • No need to print access cards
  • Easy to issue visitors’ access with time restrictions
  • Quick database inquiry option - know what time certain individuals entered a certain facility
  • Touchless access authorization to reduce germ spreading
  • IOS and Android compatible 
  • 2-in-1 door reader and controller
  • Hosted cloud-based software
  • Facial verification and not facial recognition 

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