Best Access Control for Cannabis

Best Access Control for Cannabis

Not sure if you have heard yet, but the cannabis industry is booming!   

Of course, you know this. You probably manage a cannabis retail facility. And, I’m guessing you have questions about security solutions and access control. We’ve got you covered!  

Because cannabis is a substance closely regulated by governments, cannabis facilities tend to attract more security rules and requirements than your average clothing storefront or box store distribution center. Therefore, besides official regulations, you want your facility to have top-notch security and access control solutions to prevent product loss and monitor facility access.  

What are the best options for access control that will give you security without compromising efficiency? Let’s look at a few factors to consider:  

Cloud-Based Systems  

You keep everything on the cloud; why should your access control system be the exception?  

Cloud-based systems are an easy choice because they are accessible from anywhere, and your data is safer from technical malfunctions. We’ve all lost music because our iPod crashed, so we started keeping our music on the cloud. It’s the same with your access control data.   


Cloud-based systems can be managed remotely, giving administrators the opportunity to grant and remit access from multiple facilities at any time. This takes the usual physical administration out of the equation making it easier to administer access when its convenient for you! 

Another advantage of cloud-based access control systems is that they are cheaper than other security systems. Many cannabis businesses are smaller retail or warehouse spaces, and while you want top-notch security, it can be out of budget. With a system like Active Witness, you can have it all! You’ll get accuracy, consistency and a high-end security solution with a price tag that fits your budget.


Ease of Set-Up  

Part of the cost-effectiveness of a cloud-based access control system is how easy it is to install. Unlike legacy security systems which are time-consuming and often require a technician for set-up, Active Witness uses a plug n’ play hardware that mounts to almost any doorframe. The next step is to download the app and start adding users. It’s that easy!  

With your small cannabis business, you don’t want to spend days having a system set up and scheduled around a technician. Choosing a cloud-based system with easy-to-install hardware means you can get back to what you do best and worry less about access control security.   


Multi-Factor Authentication  

Why do you need multi-factor authentication? Sure, it’s annoying when you want to log in to your email and they want to verify with your phone number, but when it comes to your business, you are going to want that extra factor to keep your product safe. Keycards just don’t cut it anymore. They are too easy to misplace and lend out, making it impossible to keep track of who is coming and going.  

Plus! With an Active Witness system, it’s so convenient! Your employees and visitors just need their faces and an app, which is much easier than verifying passwords with phone numbers (or whatever it takes to access your email these days).   

A multi-factor authentication approach with a biometric factor creates unique user access control. After all, you can’t lend out your face.  

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