Technology Overview: What is a CCD Camera

Technology Overview: What is a CCD Camera

What are the benefits and costs of a CCD camera


A CCD camera, AKA a charge-coupled device, is a type of camera that uses an integrated circuit (IC) chip to capture and process images - that's a fancy explanation for a digital camera. They are typically used in video surveillance and physical security due to their high sensitivity to low-light environments and high-quality imagery. In this blog, we'll walk you through the benefits, costs, and why you would consider the use of CCD cameras in your business' security plan.

How does a CCD camera work?

A CCD camera works by converting light into electrical signals. These electric signals are converted and stored as pixels. These pixels sit next to each other and form images, which are electronically stored.

CCD cameras are widely adopted and tend to have a high quality to noise ratio which makes them ideal for a security system as they are highly capable of recording high-quality imagery in dimly lit areas.

Cost of CCD Cameras

The cost of a small CCD camera is generally between $25 and $60. Larger dome cameras can cost over $150. Higher-end, larger CCD cameras that record higher quality imagery can cost over $1000 while very high-quality devices capable of 4K recording will run you several thousands of dollars.

The size of the sensor will generally determine how much it costs. A larger sensor will have better resolution and be able to capture more light in poor lighting conditions. As a general rule, if the sensor is over 1/3 inch in diameter it will tend to run more expensively than those with smaller sensors (1/5 inch), due to their ability to record high-quality images in lowly lit environments.

Benefits of using a CCD camera to secure your business

There are many benefits to using a CCD camera for security purposes. First of all, CCD cameras are the best choice for use in low light conditions. They also have excellent sharpness, color reproduction, and signal-to-noise ratios. The reason that they're so good at delivering these features is that they're very sensitive to light and produce a clear image even without the use of an infrared illuminator or any other kind of lighting source. This means that you can record high-quality video with minimal effort on your part!

In addition to their excellent performance in low light conditions, CCD cameras also allow you to store data digitally rather than using film like traditional camcorders do -- this is especially helpful because it saves time during processing as well as storage space over time. Finally, another major benefit is cost: The price has come down significantly in recent years making them high-quality cameras available to all businesses!

A CCD camera is an excellent choice for any business looking to secure their facilities in 2022



With the right surveillance and Access Control system, you can rest easy knowing your facility will be secure!

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